Endorsement Announcement: Dakota County Sheriff Tim Leslie

LAKELAND, Minn. ─ On Thursday, October 6th 2022 Minnesota Senate District 41 Candidate
Judy Seeberger (DFL- Afton) announced the endorsement of Dakota County Sheriff Tim
Leslie via social media. Accompanying the announcement, Sheriff Leslie and Seeberger
released the following statements:

“I am proud to endorse Judy Seeberger in her race for Minnesota Senate District 41. Judy’s
experience as a first responder means she knows how to partner with law enforcement, and will be a tremendous asset in her service at the State Capitol,” said Dakota County Sheriff Leslie.

“Law enforcement needs legislators that will have their back, and who will choose their
constituents and solving problems over partisanship. I have the utmost confidence that Judy will be a public servant and ally to law enforcement, and that she will work to create safer
communities across Minnesota.”

Seeberger serves as a paramedic with Allina Health and on the Lower St. Croix Valley Fire
Department. She previously announced the endorsement of the Minnesota Professional
Firefighters. In her announcement of Sheriff Leslie’s endorsement, Seeberger said:
“I am honored to earn the endorsement of a deeply respected local law enforcement leader in Sheriff Tim Leslie. As a first responder, I am committed to building safer communities and
thriving neighborhoods, and that starts with partnering with local law enforcement in my own community,” said Judy Seeberger (DFL- Afton). “The voters I am talking to across Senate
District 41 tell me time and again that they are sick of the extremism, partisanship, and division in our politics. I am determined to be an independent voice and to bring people together, and I am proud to have Sheriff Leslie’s trust to do just that.”

LAKELAND, Minn.—About Judy Seeberger
Judy Seeberger is the DFL-endorsed candidate for Minnesota Senate District 41, which includes parts of Washington and Dakota Counties. Judy is a paramedic, a teacher, a small business owner, former city council member, and the wife of a Captain in the U.S. Navy.

Recent Letter to Editor

The following Letter to the Editor was published in the Cottage Grove Journal on October 12, 2022:

Seeberger Supports Public Safety

Supporting law enforcement takes more than words. Judy Seeberger has truly supported and been a partner to law enforcement by serving shoulder to shoulder with them as a first responder, and by advocating for the City of Bayport to keep their police department, rather than outsourcing their community’s safety to Washington County.

As a 28-year officer and SWAT team member with the St. Paul Police, supporting candidates that support cops is personal to me. From my first conversation with Judy, it is clear to me that public safety and listening to our officers is vitally important to her. You cannot replace the experience of working in emergency response, or the relationships and understanding built between police, firefighters, and EMS when you work together.

For many candidates, public safety and support for law enforcement is a slogan or a nice thing to tweet. For Judy Seeberger, supporting our law enforcement is an everyday job, a commitment that she lives as a first responder and will uphold every day in office. That is why I am proud to support Judy in her race for the Minnesota Senate.

Lucia Wroblewski, Retired St. Paul Police Officer
Afton, MN

Announcement of Endorsements from Local Leaders

LAKELAND, Minn. ─ On the first full week of the early voting period in Minnesota, Minnesota Senate District 41 Candidate Judy Seeberger (DFL- Afton) announced 13 key endorsements from local leaders in communities across the Senate District. In announcing the list of endorsements, Seeberger released the following statement:
“I am honored to announce the endorsement of so many valued and respected community leaders. From day one, I have approached this race as a campaign of connection, and this group of leaders who have endorsed my campaign reflects exactly that. These are folks that have answered a call to serve, rolled up their sleeves, and gotten to work.
Mayors and City Councilmembers know that their communities deserve problem-solvers at the capitol, people who will listen to and represent their cities well, who will help them meet the needs of their residents. I am grateful for the trust of these leaders, and look forward to partnering with them and others to do the work of the people of Senate District 41.”

Local Leaders Endorsing Judy’s Campaign:

  • State Senator Karla Bigham (Cottage Grove)
  • Mayor Myron Bailey (Cottage Grove)
  • Mayor Bill Palmquist (Afton)
  • Mayor Tom McCarthy (Lake St. Croix Beach)
  • Councilmember and HD 41B Candidate Tina Folch (Hastings)
  • Councilmember Justin Olson (Cottage Grove)
  • Councilmember Steve Dennis (Cottage Grove)
  • Councilmember Tony Khambata (Cottage Grove)
  • Councilmember Jeff Holtz (Lake Elmo)
  • Councilmember Mike Thron (Lakeland)
  • Councilmember J.P. Armstrong (Lakeland)
  • Councilmember Lucia Wroblewski (Afton)
  • Councilmember Dawn Bulera (Lake St. Croix Beach)

LAKELAND, Minn.—About Judy Seeberger
Judy Seeberger is the DFL-endorsed candidate for Minnesota Senate District 41, which includes parts of Washington and Dakota Counties. Judy is a paramedic, a teacher, a small business owner, former city council member, and the wife of a Captain in the U.S. Navy.

Roe v. Wade Overturned – Judy Issues Statement

On Friday, the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, setting back women’s rights in this county by almost 50 years. Judy issued a statement on the decision stating, “I will always stand and fight for women’s rights to make their own healthcare decisions and continue to move us forward. Forward means a place where government isn’t in our doctor’s office directing our choices. It means not revoking and rolling back Minnesotans’ long-recognized rights. It also means addressing the many crises we are facing, like disparities in infant and maternal health, and the devastating cost of healthcare.”

She continued, “I have spent my career confronting difficult challenges head-on. In the legislature I will do what I do on every shift as a paramedic — roll up my sleeves and get to work. The people of Senate District 41 can count on me to be on the front lines of the fight to protect a woman’s right to make decisions about her own body.”

Judy Attends Town Hall with Rep. Angie Craig

Cottage Grove City Hall was the site of an exciting and informative Town Hall discussion with U.S. Representative Angie Craig. Members of the public filled the space with standing room only to hear Rep. Craig speak on issues such as affordable drug prices, fixing our health care system, containing the rising costs of goods and services, and initiatives she is supporting which will benefit Minnesotans. Mayor Myron Bailey also accepted funding in the amount of $3 million to help get Cottage Grove’s newest development project off the ground.

Craig’s message focused on the work she has accomplished, including her bill holding down the cost of insulin, and work she is doing to control the ability to obtain illegal fentanyl online. Her message was one of hope and positivity. “All of the challenges we face as a nation can be solved if we work together,” stated Craig. 

Judy Attends Interfaith Iftar

The Eastern Twin Cities Islamic Center was the site of a traditional Ramadan iftar, or fast-breaking meal. This interfaith iftar was sponsored by Taking Heart and the Minnesota Council of Churches. Taking Heart is a long-running program coordinated by Minnesota Council of Churches and the Muslim  American Society of Minnesota (MAS-MN) to bring Christians and members  of other faith communities together with Muslims for food and  conversation during Ramadan.

The evening brought interesting and insightful conversations, delicious food, connections within the community for all.

Judy Attends Reading for Reese Fundraiser

Hastings, MN

Judy attended a fundraiser for Reading for Reese, whose mission is “to provide  representation through inclusive literacy and love, and to combat book bans and actions that work to limit access to literacy with  LGBTQIA+ and marginalized characters.” Judy enjoyed the festive atmosphere at Level Up Games in Hastings which hosted the event. Judy stated, “Representation in books and literature is near to my heart. I wrote the capstone for my Masters in Teaching on redefining the literary canon to include literature that represents all people. I have also seen my students light up when they have books that speak to their culture and experiences. Representation in reading is just so important.”

Many people turned out for this event, and cupcakes being sold by Stephy Jo’s sold out within an hour. It was an amazing show of support for LGBTQIA+ folks by the Hastings community. 

Judy Meets Hometown Hero!

Judy had a chance to meet Afton hometown hero and Olympic athlete, Jessie Diggins, during Ms. Diggins’ homecoming celebration. The town of Afton turned out to welcome its star home after the 2022 Winter Olympics. Judy took a break from her duties with the Lower St. Croix Valley Fire Department, where she serves as a Paramedic, to greet Ms. Diggins and congratulate her on her Olympic medals.

Judy Receives DFL Endorsement at Convention

Judy received the endorsement of the DFL Party during the DFL convention for the new Senate District 41. “As a life-long resident of the St. Croix Valley, former city councilwoman and schoolteacher, and an active member of my local fire department, I understand what’s important to voters in these beautiful river communities,” said Seeberger. “With my experience in education, city government and public safety, I know how lawmakers’ decisions directly impact local families and communities. I will take that first-hand knowledge to fight for better support for our students, stronger protections for our environment, and real safety for our neighborhoods.” Judy stressed the importance of public service, now more than ever, and stated, “I look forward to an exciting, hard-working campaign, and I am eager to listen to voters, regardless of political persuasion, on shaping the future we share.”

Ms. Seeberger lives in Afton with her husband Mike, a captain in the U.S. Navy Reserve, and two teenage sons. She is a licensed public school teacher, an active paramedic, and a practicing attorney.

Judy Meets with Afton Mayor, Bill Palmquist

Judy met with Afton Mayor, Bill Palmquist, to discuss issues facing the City. Water quality tops the list of concerns as PFAS pollution continues to affect residents’ wells. Mayor Palmquist also spoke of ongoing initiatives to bring high-speed broadband services to rural areas, ensuring all Minnesotans have access to reliable internet services.