Announcement of Endorsements from Local Leaders

LAKELAND, Minn. ─ On the first full week of the early voting period in Minnesota, Minnesota Senate District 41 Candidate Judy Seeberger (DFL- Afton) announced 13 key endorsements from local leaders in communities across the Senate District. In announcing the list of endorsements, Seeberger released the following statement:
“I am honored to announce the endorsement of so many valued and respected community leaders. From day one, I have approached this race as a campaign of connection, and this group of leaders who have endorsed my campaign reflects exactly that. These are folks that have answered a call to serve, rolled up their sleeves, and gotten to work.
Mayors and City Councilmembers know that their communities deserve problem-solvers at the capitol, people who will listen to and represent their cities well, who will help them meet the needs of their residents. I am grateful for the trust of these leaders, and look forward to partnering with them and others to do the work of the people of Senate District 41.”

Local Leaders Endorsing Judy’s Campaign:

  • State Senator Karla Bigham (Cottage Grove)
  • Mayor Myron Bailey (Cottage Grove)
  • Mayor Bill Palmquist (Afton)
  • Mayor Tom McCarthy (Lake St. Croix Beach)
  • Councilmember and HD 41B Candidate Tina Folch (Hastings)
  • Councilmember Justin Olson (Cottage Grove)
  • Councilmember Steve Dennis (Cottage Grove)
  • Councilmember Tony Khambata (Cottage Grove)
  • Councilmember Jeff Holtz (Lake Elmo)
  • Councilmember Mike Thron (Lakeland)
  • Councilmember J.P. Armstrong (Lakeland)
  • Councilmember Lucia Wroblewski (Afton)
  • Councilmember Dawn Bulera (Lake St. Croix Beach)

LAKELAND, Minn.—About Judy Seeberger
Judy Seeberger is the DFL-endorsed candidate for Minnesota Senate District 41, which includes parts of Washington and Dakota Counties. Judy is a paramedic, a teacher, a small business owner, former city council member, and the wife of a Captain in the U.S. Navy.