Judy Attends Reading for Reese Fundraiser

Hastings, MN

Judy attended a fundraiser for Reading for Reese, whose mission is “to provide  representation through inclusive literacy and love, and to combat book bans and actions that work to limit access to literacy with  LGBTQIA+ and marginalized characters.” Judy enjoyed the festive atmosphere at Level Up Games in Hastings which hosted the event. Judy stated, “Representation in books and literature is near to my heart. I wrote the capstone for my Masters in Teaching on redefining the literary canon to include literature that represents all people. I have also seen my students light up when they have books that speak to their culture and experiences. Representation in reading is just so important.”

Many people turned out for this event, and cupcakes being sold by Stephy Jo’s sold out within an hour. It was an amazing show of support for LGBTQIA+ folks by the Hastings community.